Money Flies

Having been a longtime reader of the Sunday Setlists at Fred McKinnon’s site, I decided it was time to add our setlists from our worship services at Victory Baptist Church in St. Marys, GA. It’s a bit late to be coming to the table, since I have been the interim since the beginning of July and the new, permanent Minister of Music & Youth will be coming in February. But better late than never. And since I hope to be on staff at another area church soon after leaving Victory, I will be able to continue to post setlists regardless of where I am.

Here’s what we did this morning:

Opening: Blessed Be Your Name (A) – I used to do this one in C, and I love to do it in C because it’s perfect for my voice range as a tenor, but the congregation and the girls in the praise team are screeching on some of the phrases, so I dropped it down about a month ago. The girls are able to really sing out now, and the congregation doesn’t struggle, either. It’s always a tough thing to gauge: whether to do a song in the right range for the congregation or in the right range for you. Often what’s right for you as the song leader is not right for the congregation. But since we are there to lead the people in worship and not there to put on a performance, I have to put the congregation’s needs ahead of my own preferences. Either way, I love this song, and the people really connect with it. In the good times or when the darkness closes in, God is still sovereign and is glorified when we – like Job – say, the Lord gives and the Lord takes away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

Welcome to regulars and visitors: Bro. Pat

Chorus: Awesome is the Lord Most High (G) – This was new this week. We’re doing it Jon Abel style instead of ala Chris Tomlin. Jon’s version is geared more to a praise team.

Chorus: Ancient of Days (C)

Missions video and Offering: Bro. Ed. We are in the process of putting together a team for a mission trip to Morocco in late spring, and the video was about international missions.

Chorus: Better is One Day/I Could Sing of Your Love Forever medley (E) This is my own pairing of the two songs, and it just happened one day when I was singing Better is One Day and got to the end of a chorus started the chorus of I Could Sing of Your Love and I liked it so I brought it to the praise team. It’s a natural when you think about being in His presence, and how a single day with Him is better than thousands anywhere else and to just make it a vertical song of praise and adoration by continuing the thought: I could Sing of Your Love Forever.

Chorus: Thank You Lord (F) The Don Moen/Paul Baloche classic praise song of thanksgiving for all He does for us. There’s an old hymn that goes “Count your blessings, name them one by one. 
Count your blessings, see what God hath done.” When you look at what He has done for you, when you stop and count the blessings, you find that you just keep going and going because He keeps giving and giving.

Chorus: You Are My All in All (F). Dennis Jernigan’s timeless classic. We slipped into some beautiful harmony as we worshiped.

Sermon: A Fool and His Time (James 4:13-17) …………… Bro. Ed

I. It’s foolish to plan without regard to God (v. 13)

II. It’s foolish to assume without regard to God (v. 14-15)

III. It’s foolish to boast without regard to God (v. 16)

IV. It’s foolish to procrastinate without regard to God (v.17)

Invitation Hymn:  My Jesus I Love Thee (F)

Here’s the lineup from Sunday night. Sometimes we do about half the songs from morning again, but this time the setlist came out more independent.

It’s interesting that Pastor Ed used both time and money topics. Time flies, and time is money, so: money flies. Boy, does it ever!

Opening: Holy is the Lord (G)


Chorus: You are God Alone (C)


Chorus: Ancient of Days (C)

Hymn: Sweet, Sweet Spirit (G)

Chorus: Breathe (A)

Chorus: You Are My King (Amazing Love) (E)

Sermon: A Fool and His Money  (Luke 12:13-21) ………………. Bro. Ed

Invitation Hymn: I Know Whom I Have Believed (D)

That’s our Sunday. How was yours?


7 Comments on “Money Flies”

  1. Janaki says:

    Hi! I can relate with what you said on leading songs in a key best for your voice. I have a tendency to want to lead everything in too low a key for most men to sing out on. I try to keep that in mind when I’m leading.

  2. Great songs Mike – and yeah, I’m a tenor too…I’ve trained myself to be more of a baritone when it comes to worship leading though, and it’s been good to increase my vocal range in any case 🙂 Bless you and your church.

  3. zimman57 says:

    Yeah, David, you learn to push a bit more in the lower range and also to manipulate the mic so you get the most from the bottom of your range.

    Sometimes I wonder if it matters. There are some songs that people just belt out, regardless of the range, switching down an octave when it gets too high and just continuing on. It’s sort of like the early rounds of American Idol: it’s not a pretty sound, but it’s got heart. 🙂

  4. I LOVE Ancient of Days. Haven’t heard that in ages. Think I will go paly it now.
    Glad you are posting now at Sunday Set list.

  5. Very gracious of you to change the key for the ladies. I bet they were very thankful.

  6. forkintheroadmusic says:

    I love Ancient of Days. We introduced it a few months ago and the congregation seemed to learn it quick and sing it loud. Thanks.

  7. Louise says:

    How disappointing that you’ve only just started posting. Looking forward to more.

    I love Blessed Be (such a good song for this period in history) and Ancient of Days.

    My Jesus I love thee is such a sweet hymn, especially for older folk. Great that you included it. Also love And I know whom I have believed. A strong stand kind of song.

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