A New Place to Hang My Hat

I agreed to take a position today as the part-time Music DIrector at St. Marys First Baptist Church. There will be some adjustments to make.

I’m looking forward to getting in there and meeting all the new people and finding out what they can do and how we’ll be able to work together to lead in worship and do what God wants us to do. I’m also very nervous about it, but God is in control.

I have spent the last seven months working as an interim Minister of Music at a church where it was all praise band led. I led with my guitar, and the music was primarily contemporary praise. I did blend the service somewhat, and I am sure there are many who lead very contemporary services that would say I didn’t really lead in contemporary worship because it was blended.

As I looked around the sanctuary when I first started there, I noticed that the congregation was a bit older than it had been before the split, and the addition of a few choruses from the 80s and 90s confirmed that they were very receptive to music they knew. I knew that going with all current songs would leave them where they were when I started: coming to hear a band, not participate in worship. Compared to many of the churches espousing blended worship services here, we were still far more contemporary than most, but mainstream contemporary.

Now I am moving to a church that has very traditional roots, but would like to make a move toward being a tad more contemporary. I believe God has prepared me for this position by having me spend a year as the interim at Kingsland FBC (another primarily traditional church) and then seven months at Victory Baptist where most of our songs were in the CCLI’s top 25 worship songs, and some were too new for that. I believe I have a good handle on how to design a blended worship service that will appeal to many and lead them to prepare their hearts and minds for the teaching of the Word.

I am not one who thinks the singing is the worship portion of the service. The singing unites us in corporate worship and helps to focus our minds and hearts in preparation for teaching and the message from God’s Word. But it’s all worship – the music, the teaching and preaching – as we come to discover what God is saying to us. Worship is not something reserved for Sunday only, or Sunday and Wednesday, but is something we should do daily from the minute we wake up until the moment we go to sleep. Every minute is a gift from Him, and we need to keep our minds stayed on Him and our hearts in worship as we pray without ceasing.

It is an incredible responsibility which has been given to me, and one which I have never taken lightly. It is extremely humbling to be used by the Creator of the Universe.

I will be in charge of many musical groups I will not be directing, and I pray that the Lord will give me wisdom and patience and insight to keep all those plates spinning and that he will give me good people who are dedicated to serving Him to help me. There is no way I could ever do it on my own. Many wonderful people have stepped up to help out since the end of December, and I hope they continue to serve, and to do so cheerfully and from a humble servant heart. I look forward to meeting them and working with them.

As I make my way along this new path, I will be posting our weekly song lists here and provide some feedback in how God is leading us. I hope you’ll come back to check it out, and I hope you’ll pray for me and all those I work with that God’s will be done and Jesus’ name be lifted high.


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